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Scheduling and Dispatching
Our trained staff will contact your client and gather all the necessary information to accomplish a smooth recovery of the equipment. Our dispatchers then use this information to insure that the appropriate resources are sent to get the job done right.

Our crews are sent to the offices of your client where they remove the loose computer equipment scheduled for disposal. Under normal circumstances, it is possible to have the equipment recovered within 48 to 72 hours from the time we receive the request for our services. Certificates of insurance are often required and can usually be obtained on the same day they are requested. The man-power and type of resources we send are based on the size and specifics of the job with the goal being to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The products as well as their final destination determine the appropriate packing procedures best suited for your job. In most cases equipment is stacked on pallets with like equipment; cardboard between layers and then shrink-wrapped to the pallet.  This works for the majority of products. Items such as flat panel monitors and laptops; however, require more extensive packing due to their value. Flat panel monitors are wrapped in bubble-wrap and nested in larger boxes of 5 – 10 monitors each while laptops are packed on their edge with packing in between each laptop. Depending on the situation at each location, the equipment may be packed on site or removed and taken back to our warehouse and packed there.

Once the equipment is prepared for shipping, we select a carrier to handle the shipment based on multiple factors. Size of the shipment and value of the equipment are taken into consideration when choosing the carrier. When possible, orders are consolidated with other orders going in the same direction to lessen the number of times the product is handled and provide for a more direct route.

Capturing Serial Numbers
When requested, we capture the serial numbers of the equipment at the time of pickup. In some instances this extra level of control is advantageous to your clients. Your clients will appreciate the additional benefit of increased peace of mind they gain with this services. We are presently equipping some of our major market areas with scanners to use on larger jobs; thereby increasing the level of efficiency.

Project Management
When there are a large number of locations with equipment to be picked up, it is important to be able to have the ability to quickly know the status of each order.  In the reports section of our website, our customers have secure access to real-time data on the status of their orders.  Information can be easily imported into an Excel spreadsheet allowing the customer to stay on top of the progress of their project.  With project management service provided by JKA Logistics, it is possible to keep track of multiple projects occurring at the same time.

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